Specializing in small and large book musicals, Shakespeare and period comedies.

'Director Jason Spelbring leads a dream-team production staff on Mamma Mia!  Spelbring’s direction of the high-energy show is flawless, showcasing both the talents and the exuberance of his mostly young cast.

- Mamma Mia!, Lyric Repertory Company


'Director Jason Spelbring pulls all of these elements together. Under his direction, each change in tone, volume, and illumination appears flawlessly executed. This is a master class in storytelling' 

- AN ILIAD, Utah Shakespeare Festival

The Independent

'Director Jason Spelbring triumphs by delivering a fast-paced ensemble show that is marvelously staged and performed'

- Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery, Lyric Repertory Company

The Herald Journal

Artistic Statement


Jason Spelbring – Director

As a director, I am excited by the impact of collaboration. I have been consistently drawn to projects that ask me to think outside of the box, therefore collaboration is a necessity for developing a successful and creative process and product. From the assignment of the creative team, through the casting process, and into the initial design presentations…collaboration is key! The end result creates a strong sense of ownership by all involved in the project. 

Having studied directing under the late Marita Woodruff at Webster University, Marita instilled in me the value of a director’s vision, leadership and the potential for inspiration. Vision. Leadership. Inspiration. It was through Marita's masterful teaching that I discovered the power of collaboration. Since 2007 I have collaborated on over eighteen fully produced productions, both educational and professional.

I thrive in taking pre-existing works and putting a new and fresh spin on them while not losing sight of the integrity of the play and the voice of the playwright. I am drawn to plays and projects that can be reimagined through a creative and personal lens. In addition, I am actively seeking opportunity’s where I can be in on the ground floor of a new work (play or musical). Plays and musicals that have the element of history or class / social structure excite me. I am also drawn to period plays; Centlivre, Marivaux and Behn, Shakespeare as well as small and large book musicals.

Directing Resume (SDC - Associate)